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Knowing where you are is the first step in getting where you want to be. We have the tools to accurately value companies, the experience to read markets, and the relationships to find opportunities others don’t or would never think of. Our clients negotiate with authority and receive innovative solutions.

Strategic Value Maximization

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We help our clients plot their future, whether that is selling their business, growing into new opportunities or seeking strategic partnerships. Our clients receive innovative solutions for enterprise value creation.

Financial and Operational


Successful companies are built on sound operating platforms with solid financial results and disciplined leadership. Understanding and measuring those factors driving operating performance, growth prospects and ultimately enterprise value are critical to building a company’s strategic roadmap. Knowing your company’s value is the first step in getting where you want to be. We have the tools to accurately value companies, read market conditions and find opportunities others would never think of to create additional value.

Business Evaluation


We help our clients identify their goals and plot their company’s future, whether that’s exploring rapid growth strategies, creating a diversified business platform or monetizing the company for maximum value. A sound short- and long-term plan is key to unlocking a company’s value. Our team of professionals have the experience and the knowledge to help our clients develop sound plans that are flexible enough to adapt to today’s rapidly changing marketplace.

Long and Short Term


Working with the management team in planning and implementation of the steps necessary to achieve the desired strategy is where actual value is created. Our advisors have built, run and transitioned businesses in times of great change, and therefore have the experience to assist companies in an efficient implementation process in both the short and long term.

Development of


Company CEOs are often asked what their company will look like in five years. Every company has similar alternatives – organic growth, diversify, divest, buy, sell, generational transfer or management buyout. The best alternative is usually the one that creates the most enterprise value. We identify those alternatives and determine a market value for each strategy.

Generational Transfer

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One-third of business owners have a succession plan in place through the next family generation or key members of the management team. Our services in formalization and implementation of succession planning and strategic value improvement make for smooth generational transfers.



Development of your company’s succession plan involves numerous decisions and adequate time for their implementation. Transitioning or selling your company to another family member or key management personnel must be designed to maintain your business reputation and minimize risks of adverse reactions from customers, suppliers and employees.



Most business owners with an internal succession plan don’t know the company’s value, relying on book equity or transaction pricing assumptions as proxies. A going-concern valuation provides the current market value of the business operations, the price a seller would expect to receive if the company is marketed and sold in an open-market environment. Having a valuation is also critical for transaction funding alternatives.



A going-concern valuation not only determines the company’s market value but also identifies potential areas for performance improvement, and ultimately additional value. Coupled with adequate planning time, these performance enhancements can be implemented and contribute to current operating performance.



Generation transfer involves selling the company to a related party. To avoid potential appearances of favoritism in terms, the transaction structure and process follows a standard sell-side transaction process. Steps of the process may be reduced or modified since the buyer is also an employee and familiar with the company’s business. We provide a wealth of experience in the orderly internal transfer of business ownership.

Negotiations and


Working with company counsel, we ensure the fair negotiations and documentation of a purchase agreement, employment or consulting agreement and building lease. We work to provide either internal or external purchase price funding and its associated loan agreements. And finally, we ensure a smooth closing.

Mergers & Acquisitions

A more perfect union.

Whether you’re thinking of a buy-side, sell-side or generational transfer transaction, our three decades of closed transaction experience results in a confidential, efficient, proven process in the shortest time and at the highest value to the client.

Analysis of


We listen to learn. Our advisors utilize financial and operational information to review the performance of the company in order to evaluate all transaction considerations. We identify what process is the best fit for the client’s financial and non-financial goals.

Preparing the Company for


90% of companies, regardless of the transaction type, are not prepared to undertake an M&A transaction. Whether buying or selling, management, operating platform, financial performance, technology and numerous other factors must be in place to ensure a successful process.

Improving value and


Before starting any transaction, we conduct an assessment of business operating fundamentals which can influence enterprise value.  It may be as simple as a new or updated website, or as complex as settling a major lawsuit before starting a transaction.

Identifying, Evaluating, Screening


Whether a buy-side or sell-side activity, a thorough understanding of the ideal target profile and those targets who meet the profile ensure better transaction results. We typically know who the ultimate buyer or seller is before starting a transaction process.

Marketing the Company to


Ironline develops comprehensive confidential marketing materials that efficiently and effectively market the company, facilitate due diligence and accurately illustrate “the story.”

Due Diligence


Trust, but verify! Every target company will focus their courting process on the positive attributes of their company. Due diligence is critical to ensure that your transaction is buying or selling the assets as disclosed without the risk of undiscovered surprises.



Most M&A transactions involve several agreements: Purchase Agreement, Non-Compete Agreement, Consulting or Employment Agreement, and Building Purchase or Lease Agreement. We work with client counsel to ensure that fair and equitable agreements are in place to close the transaction while protecting our client.

Managing Closing and Post-Closing


Getting a transaction “across the finish line” is the culmination of hundreds of tasks, frequent interaction with your transaction team, negotiation of final deal points and funding of transaction monetary benefits – and sometimes a little therapy. It also extends beyond the closing date for a period of up to one year for post-closing activities such as working capital true-up and contingent payment funding.

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